A.O. Gunnoo – Biography

Purchase in AmazonI was born in England and raised in Australia. My mother is from the Philippines and my father is from Mauritius.  Eight years ago, I relocated to England where I now live and work in London as a community nurse.   The Inspiration to Write In October...

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5 Ways to Build Dyslexia Reading Skills

Dyslexia involves a lot of difficulties in learning to read and interpret words.  The infographic below shows how you can improve your reading skills.  It does this by breaking down each topic into subheadings, and offering you an informative description on each of...

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Can we reduce educational inequality with technology?

Can dyslexia technology help our young people do better? Every week Dyslexia Association of London receives news of new apps, technology and learning systems that claim to help young people with Dyslexia read better, learn better and perform better. But is there any...

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West Berkshire Dyslexia Association is closing

West Berkshire Dyslexia Association was started by a group of volunteers in 1983* Established by Gill Shackleton-Jones, the was association started by a meeting at Gill's house, following an article written for the Newbury Weekly News. The group set up a Saturday...

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Dyslexia Awareness Week (DAW) 2018

Dyslexia Awareness Week (DAW) takes place from Monday 1st to Sunday 7th October.  World Dyslexia Awareness Day will be celebrated on Thursday 4th October. The purpose of this week is to raise awareness and understanding of Dyslexia that encourages positive change. The...

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Interview with Lyndon White

Dyslexia London had the great opportunity to sit down with the wonderfully talented and incredibly hard-working illustrator and comic artist, Lyndon White. He shared his experiences of having dyslexia, and how he overcame them to become one of the most renowned names...

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Interview With Jamie McDonald

Dyslexia London sat down with Jamie McDonald, also known as Adventureman. He is the author of the book of the same title and a motivational speaker. He talks about self-motivation, resilience, power of connection and making a difference. In his book Adventureman:...

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Case Studies

Richard Branson

Books by Richard BransonArguably one of the most famous British dyslexics, Richard Branson has inspired a whole generation of young people.   Richard Branson has not hidden his poor academic performance as a young person at school. His headmaster is reported...

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Rosalind Smith – Don’t let dyslexia hold you back!

Rosalind Smith is 9 years old and feels her strengths are her determination, imagination and her super strong legs! Rosalind is creative and loves imaginative play, science, history and reading. Her dyslexia was formally identified as she began year 3. Although an...

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Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

  Wilfred is a classic entrepreneur and has an 'anything is possible' attitude to everything he approaches- even his health. Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones has led quite the life, from growing up in inner city Birmingham to surviving Leukaemia in 2014 to begin in...

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Book Reviews

‘Think Autism’ an Insight to Autism

'Think Autism' In April 2014 the government published ‘Think Autism’, a strategy for meeting the needs of autistic adults in England. The strategy supports the Autism Act 2009. ‘Think Autism’ sets out a clear programme the Department of Health and other government...

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Review of Almier – A Comic Series Ronu Creative

Omar Gunnoo, the main book reviewer for Dyslexia Association of London, has read and reviewed Almier, which is the first issue of a comic series created by Ronu Creative. “Heroes Come in all Shapes and Sizes”, a review of the comic book Almier. "London has a new hero;...

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Water Watcher

Water Watcher Innovation  Did you know that leaving the water tap running whilst brushing your teeth wastes approximately 12 litres of water? The team of Water Watcher developed a small and inexpensive innovation.  The main aim of this innovation is to remind people...

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Join Our London Adult Dyslexia Support Group

The London Adult Dyslexia Support Group is a support group that meets every 2nd Monday of the month, 6:30 - 8:45 PM at St. James Church, 197 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LL.

For more information, visit London Adult Dyslexia. 

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